Cable Test Van ETL-35

  • ЭТЛ 35 на базе FIAT DUCATO
  • Кабельный барабан для ЭТЛ 35
  • Высоковольтный отсек ЭТЛ 35
  • Отсек оператора электротехнической лаборатории

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Own production in Moscow
Experience more than 8 years
We provide training on work with equipment
Warranty 12-24 months
Compliance with ISO 900

High-voltage mobile laboratory by Aler-1 (ETL-35) is used for the following tests:

  1. High voltage test up to 35 kW;
  2. Measurement of tangent of dielectric loss angle and capacitance of high-voltage insulation;
  3. Measurement of leakage current.
Name Specifications
FIAT DUCATO Specifications:

• engine: diesel;

• axle arrangement: 4X2;

• drive: front;

• long wheelbase;

• extra high roof;

• gross weight – 3.5t;

Body type – van:

• two compartments (operator compartment and high-voltage compartment), separated by an insulator partition;

• interior lighting 220 V AC and 12 V DC;

• finishing of the interior with thermal insulating material and plastic panels;

• manufacturing of antistatic floor in the operator compartment;

• manufacturing of the floor made of special aluminum tread plates in the high-voltage compartment;

• installation of a protective transparent partition between the operator compartment and the high-voltage compartment, working table and swivel chair

• cases for storing accessories;

• industrial computer;

• multifunctional device (copying+printing);

• special identification marks and inscriptions in accordance with the customer’s standards.

Corollary equipment 1. Auxiliary interior heater 2 kW;

2. Petrol generator 6 kVA;

3. Roof conditioner.

Control unit
Rack Support construction, designed for laboratory equipment placing, table top.
Network unit Designed for switching of units and blocks of the laboratory through supply circuits, as well as for lighting and heating control of the laboratory cabin.
Control unit Control of high-voltage tests with measuring of the test voltage on the high side using the high-voltage measuring system HVS-100, which has the certificate of approval of the measuring instrument type (measurement error £ 3%);

Performance module NDE;

Power distribution module;

CU frame with panelling.

It performs switching of high-voltage leads TIM 6 100/70.

Voltage regulator Designed for smooth regulation of the feeding voltage level. If the regulator is not in the zero position, testing is impossible.
High-voltage testing unit
Test voltage source TIM 6 100/70 (analogue of UIV (high-voltage testing unit) 100) Maximum alternating test voltage is 100 kV. Maximum rectified test voltage is 70 kV.
Measuring unit
IDP – unit for dielectric losses measuring The system includes an alternating current bridge Tangent 2000 (analogous of CA 7100, Vector) with an integrated capacitor, automatically measures the capacitance and tangent of loss angle, voltage on the standard capacitor, frequency of the operating voltage.
Low-voltage measuring unit BNI The switching unit is designed for measuring the parameters of torque converters (short-circuit and no-load test, measurement of resistance of points, etc.). The devices are packaged separately.
Security and switching unit:
Cable drums unit Cable drums unit

External laboratory hook-ups are provided by means of a power cable, ground cable and high-voltage cable.

Cable drums VD 4.137.001

– drum with power cable, cable length is 30 m

– drum with ground cable, cable cross-section is 25 mm2, cable length is 30 m

– drum with high-voltage EPR shielded cable, cable length is 30 m.

Electric safety system Electric safety check system

The system provides electric safety for laboratory personnel by means of:

• monitoring of the chassis potential (trip when the potential exceeds 24V);

• monitoring of the earth resistance (trip when the resistance exceeds 25 Ohm);

• control of the high-voltage compartment doors (trip with open doors);

• manual emergency trip STOP;

• automatic forced grounding of high-voltage test units and test units connected to them after completion of tests and in emergency cases;

• availability of a visual clearance device supplying voltage;

• sound and light signal supply when the laboratory is switched on.

Set of instruments and tools:

• first aid kit;

• dielectric boots;

• high-voltage viniplast terminal;

• protective orange hardhat;

• dielectric mat;

• set of driver’s tools;

• set of electrician’s tools;

• set of warning posters;

• carbon dioxide fire extinguisher OU-2 or powder fire extinguisher;

• insulating gloves;

• high-voltage insulating stand;

• high-voltage indicator UVNBU 6-35;

• low-voltage indicator;

• discharge device;

• tie pole SHO-15;

• earthing cone.

Set of documents 1. operations manual of the laboratory LVI 1;

2. passport for the laboratory LVI 1

3. warranty card;

4. technical documentation for the car;

5. documents for registration at State Traffic Safety Inspectorate;

6. metrological certification of the laboratory.

Warranty and service
Availability of own service department and production facilities Arranging a workshop

The main goal of the workshop is to teach users how to operate the laboratory equipment properly. In the process of training, the customer’s specialists learn about the theoretical background of conducting high-voltage tests of power cable lines and methods of finding the damaged spots in them using equipment of LVI, as well as gain practical experience in working with the laboratory equipment. In case of large-scale supplies, the workshop is carried out at the enterprise of the laboratory user.

• Support service is carried out at the service center in Moscow, Yaroslavl;

• Warranty – 12 months;

• Post warranty service for the entire service life;

• Ability to upgrade the laboratory in operation.

Corollary equipment available on request
Transformer ratiometer

DTR 8510 C.A

Transformer ratiometer

Portable digital transformer ratiometer, designed for testing power transformers, current and voltage transformers on-site.


• Designed for testing power transformers (PTR), current transformers (CTR) and voltage transformers (VTR).

• Direct reading of the measurement results of the transformation ratio in the range of 0.8000:1 to 8000:1 for power transformers and voltage transformers and 0.8000 to 1000.0 for current transformers.

• Simultaneous display of the transformation ratio, polarity and magnitude of excitation current on the high-resolution screen.

• Double-way feed: NiCd battery/built-in feed charger.

• Easy to connect and set up:  calibration or balancing adjusting is not required.

• Screen messages about incorrect wiring, reverse polarity, open circuit and short circuit.

• A large two-line screen with adjustable contrast and backlight ensures fair visibility in any lighting conditions.

• In case of lack of high voltage, low-voltage check technology and built-in protection circuit are used.

• Indication of the discharged battery.

• Durable, crashproof, hermetic body made of polypropylene.

3-phase transformer ratiometer ATRT-03V 3-phase transformer ratiometer ATRT

The device measures the ratio of power, current and voltage transformation (transmitting) of 3-phase transformers (for 3 phases simultaneously).

• Full automation of measurement;

• Autonomous operation of the device or operation controlled by a PC;

• Measured ratio is 0.8-15,000

• Margin of error

0.8 – 1999: ± 0.1%, 2,000 – 3.999: ± 0.25%, 4,000 – 15,000: ± 1% @ 8 V per

0.8 – 1999: ± 0.1%, 2,000 – 3.999: ± 0.20%, 4,000 – 15,000: ± 1% @ 40 V per

0.8 – 1999: ± 0.1%, 2,000 – 3.999: ± 0.15%, 4,000 – 15,000: ± 1% @ 100 V per

• Measures the deviation of the phase angle, excitation current;

• Functions of saving and transferring data to the PC – RS232 interfaces;

• Suitable for working with ALL power transformers, current transformers and voltage transformers;

• The display shows the error %, relative to the factory plate on the transformer, and the test limits;

• “Fast” or “full” testing at the operator’s choice;

• Specially designed for working in conditions of intense and high-voltage interferences.

EZCT 2000, 5-channel dedicated current transformer tester EZCT 2000, 5-channel dedicated current transformer tester

EZCT-2000B testing unit is an easy, reliable, portable tester used to perform current transformer tests automatically or manually, aimed at determining the saturation, transformation ratio, polarity, and insulation state during demagnetization before testing. The device is specially designed for testing current transformers.

In automatic or manual mode, the device enables the following tests:

1. On determining of saturation,

2. Test voltage 2000 V of alternating current for determining saturation

3. Demagnetization test

4. Determination of the current and angular errors of the current transformer.

5. Construction of current-voltage characteristic of excitation of the secondary winding of the transformer.

6. Measurement of the transformation ratio.

7. Determination of the polarity of the terminals of the primary and secondary windings.

8. Secondary winding insulation resistance test. (at 1000 V of post voltage)

9. Measuring of the residual magnetization of the core.

10. Finding the maximum value of the residual magnetization and estimating the coercive force.

11. Construction of hysteresis loops (limiting or partial, limited to the limiting value of the magnetic field strength).

12. Determination of the core material hysteresis losses.

13. Measurement of the secondary winding resistance.

Current transformers can be tested in their working configuration, for example, mounted in transformers, oil-switches or switching equipment. Note that before the test this equipment should be completely isolated from the corresponding electric system.

Analyzer CA8335 completed with forceps No-load test (voltage is applied to the LV winding, HV winding is not connected). Measurement of the no-load current

The device enables to analyze all electric power parameters in accordance with GOST 13109-97 to high precision and a wide range of measured values:

• Voltage deviation;

• Voltage fluctuation;

• AC fail;

• Rapid voltage change dose: short-term, long-term;

• Nonsinusoidality of: voltage curve, harmonic components of three-phase circuits;

• Frequency deviation;

• Pulse overvoltage;

• Duration of AC fail;

• Nonsymmetry of voltage of three-phase circuits;

• Temporary overvoltage factor.

The DEVICE has a menu in Russian and a built-in 2GB memory enabling to record all parameters for 3 phases within 1 month

1. Rapid assessment of network operational parameters

2. Vector graphs, harmonic analysis

3. Transient-response analysis

4. A clear sequence of operations ensures the accuracy and efficiency of measurements

5. The device is designed for field conditions (support of the device by means of a belt on the neck for convenience while observing indications)

The main measured parameters are as follows:

1. Root-mean-square voltage (TRMS) AC and DC: voltage up to 1200 V;

2. RMS current (TRMS) AC and DC up to 6500 A (depending on the sensors used);

3. Peak voltage and current;

4. Frequency: 10 to 70 Hz;

5. Active, reactive and total power of a single phase and all phases;

6. Active, reactive, received and transmitted energy; total energy;

7. Voltage, current and power of harmonics up to the 50th order.

Portable test unit for oil breakdown BA-60 Circuit-breaker oil testing


1. Output voltage is up to 60kV. Activity of the value is symmetrical

Voltage measurement error within the range of 0 … 60 kV is ± 1 kV

2. Rate of voltage rise is 0.5 … 10 kV/s

3. Resolution (displayed) 0.1 kV

4. Electric power supply is 85 V … 264 V (47 Hz … 63 Hz) or 12 V external power supply

5. Power consumption 60 VA

6. Rechargeable battery 1 x 12V/7.2Ah

7. Voltage supply switching time when the breakdown of the dielectric occurs < 5μs

8. Measurement of oil temperature 0 … 100 °C

9. Resolution temperature 1 °C

10. Display 2.8″ color

Resistance measurement of transformer windings TRM-40, current up to 40A Resistance measurement of transformer windings TRM-40, current up to 40A, demagnetization

Designed specially for measuring resistance at large inductance (transformer windings)

Specialized device TRM40 is designed for fast and accurate resistance measurement of windings of high-power transformers. Resistance measurement of 500MVA transformer windings takes less than 3 minutes!

• Automatic dump of the circuit after the test;

• 2 static measurement channels provide simultaneous measurement of the active resistance of DC windings on the high and low side;

• 1 fast-acting channel for diagnostics of on-load tap-changers;

• Test current is from 10mA to 40A;

• Measuring range is from 1 μOhm to 500 Ohm;

• Measurement of the transformer performance (faultless/defective) – automatic calculation of the relative deviations of the winding resistance relative to the certified values;

• Determination of compliance of the transformer values ​​with the certified values ​​- recalculation of the resistance at the current temperature into the resistance at the certified temperature.

• Total testing and diagnostics of the condition of on-load tap-changers, voltage regulators;

• Construction of an work evaluation diagram of terminals without opening the on-load tap-changer;

• automatic switching of the on-load tap-changer positions

• printing of the graphs of the measured object directly on the built-in printer

• identifying the place of the on-load tap-changer problem – for example – determining the opening of current-limiting resistors, bad selector terminal, etc.

• Automatic demagnetization of the transformer core after testing

Milliohmmeter WRM-10 Specialized milliohmmeter for measuring the resistance of transformer windings WRM-10

Measuring the resistance of windings of large transformers within minutes. This portable device reliably and accurately measures the resistance of windings of all types of transformers and rotating mechanisms, as well as other objects with high inductance. The integrated circuit safely discharges the sample at the end of the test, as well as in case of switching of the supply of the device. The transformer ohmmeter is extremely useful while testing the switches of regulating branch lines of transformer windings. This device can test the transient operation of on-load transformer winding switches and measure the resistance of terminals of each switching.


• Dual independent channels for simultaneous measurements on two windings

• Built-in safety reset and shutdown

• Testing of on-load output winding switches

• Output current is up to 10A! (within the range of 5mA, 50mA, 500mA and 5A).

• Measuring range is 2/20/200 mOhm 2/20/200/2000 Ohm.

• Convenient device for testing the quality of transformer branch lines.

• A special measuring circuit enables to speed up the measurement.

C.A 6555 Megaohmmeter, 15 kV Megaohmmeter is designed for quick insulation resistance measurement, identifying a damaged cable with multi-cable connection and specifying the kind of damage to the cable line


1. Voltage: 100-15000 V;

2. Power supply from the battery;

3. Large LCD display with backlight, digital and analog display;

4. Measuring range is 30 kOhm … 30 TOhm;

5. Setting the test voltage within the range of 40 … 15100 V in 10 or 100V or 1000V increments;

6. Automatic measurement of the polarization index (PI);

7. Automatic measurement of the dielectric absorption ratio;

8. Insulation measurement by automatically rising voltage (SV);

9. Measurement of the dielectric discharge (DD);

10. Measurement of the capacitance up to 50 μF and residual current up to 5 mA;

11. Construction of the graph R (t) manually or using a computer and the program MEGOHMVIEW;

12. Built-in memory for storing measurement results;

13. Data transfer via USB.

Earth resistance noncontacting gauge C.A 6415 Earth resistance gauge C.A 6415 is the representative of a new generation of current pincers and is designed for the effective control of earthing devices without their shutdown and the use of auxiliary electrodes.

It enables to make accurate measurements of the resistance within the range of 0.1 to 1200 Ohm. It measures current and surface-leakage currents within the range of 1 mA to 30 A rms. Audible alarm is available according to the mandatory threshold values and the memory, in which up to 99 measurement results can be kept.

Mobile high-voltage laboratory Alerom-1 (Electric Laboratory-35) is designed for the following tests:

  • High-voltage tests up to 35 kW;
  • Dielectric loss angle tangent and high-voltage insulation capacitance measurement;
  • Measurement of leakage current.

Technical solutions Operational advantages
1 TIM 6 high-voltage test block The power of the test block is 6 kVA
2 BNI low-voltage measurement block Universal switching unit that enables to connect portable devices
3 Re-equipment of the base car and assembling of the laboratory Our experience and production base of “ALEROM” LLC enables us to manufacture laboratories of high quality, under the best conditions.

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